Meet Pastor John Hovan

About John Hovan

Meet our Senior Pastor John Hovan. John has been serving Community Vineyard Church faithfully in a wide variaty of ways since 2008. in April of 2022, he joined paid staff as a full time pastor. He stepped into the role of Senior Pastor officially in April of 2023, taking the torch from Pastor Tom Bloom, who now serves as our Missions Pastor. John met and married his delightful wife Cara right here at Community Vineyard Church (formerly Community of Believers). Together they parent 3 beautiful children on a very fruitful homestead they call Eden Orchard. We've asked Pastor John and other leaders to answer a few questions that will help everyone get to know them better. Keep reading to find out more about John!


What Do you Love About Serving?

Hey! John here. There are many things to love about pastoring. First, I love being invited to walk alongside an individual, a couple, or a family during impactful seasons in their lives, especially if I get to see the fruit of what the lord is building in them. Second, I love the responsibility of immersing myself in God’s word in order to share what might be on His heart for our congregation and being able to participate in what He is doing in their lives and in the lives of those in our community. Lastly, I love the flexibility in my schedule that allows me to be a more present parent with my adorable children. 


What I'd Like You to Know About Me:

 I grew up completely devoid of any spirituality and in a secularism that led me to an empty and selfish lifestyle. PRAISE GOD that Jesus pursued a relationship with me that awakened a love that He created me to embrace. My early years as a Christian led me to charismatic churches where I was able to find discipleship and an appreciation for the active nature of the Holy Spirit in our lives. So much of who I am today is owed to those who poured into my life here at Community Vineyard Church and it is my highest honor thus far to be able to serve the Lord with those who have given me so much. Speaking of high honors, I can't go much further without saying that I have married into the most amazing family anyone could ever ask for. Cara has made me the happiest man in the whole world - and that we get to parent 3 beautiful children together is a gift I thank God for every day. I would love to make some jokes about what a humble and perfect Christian I am and how blessed Cara is to have me as her husband, but our Church Administrator would not allow it. Please let this be noted in my bio though: I love to joke!  If you ever want me to go on a rabbit trail, feel free to bring up topics such as Greek and Roman history, the witchcraft (I jest, I jest) associated with essential oils, Marvel VS DC (prior to Disney…obviously) and whether or not we should accept or even talk about horrendously bad sequel trilogies that shall not be named for fear that naming them might legitimize them. 



Professional Experience and Education


Bachelors in psychology | University of Akron, 2005


Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling | Ashland Theological Seminary, 2013, Graduating with High Honors


Masters in Divinity with an emphasis on Church Leadership and Administration | Regent University,  2020, Graduating with High Honors


Currently Maintained: ‘Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor with a Supervisory Designation (LPCC-S)’ and a ‘Licensed Independent Chemical Dependency Counselor (LICDC), though no longer practicing