Word for Your Week, "Enjoy the Process"


Enjoy The Process


I want to write today to those of you who may be feeling down and out or beat up whether by yourself or from others around you. I want to encourage those of you who may be under the pressure of comparing yourself and your journey to that of others. God does not want you to do that! He wants you to enjoy the unique journey that you are on with Him. My hope is that this word for your week will release a greater freedom within you in your relationship with Jesus.


I cannot count how many times I have fallen into this very trap of judging myself and my transformation to that of others who seemingly have it all together and are so much farther along than I. In addition to that, there is a perpetual temptation to believe that God perhaps favors others more than ourselves, and so we judge ourselves unworthy or too far behind. I have a word of encouragement for those of you today who are struggling with these feelings and beliefs.


No one has it all together. That is delusional to assume. We are all lightyears away from where He is bringing us! You are on your own journey with Jesus. I believe that He would speak to you today and tell you that you are just on time with Him in this journey, and He is not in a hurry with you. Think back to where you have come from. Maybe even write it down. It is always good to remind ourselves of where we have been, where we have come from, and where we are going in Jesus. He has gotten you this far and He is not going to leave you where He has already taken you. He is going to continue to perfect His work in you, which is to say that He is going to perfect you in His love so that you will have great confidence with Him and others.


We all have to come to grips with the reality that this process of transformation that we are in is ever progressive. It is not a one and done, it is a lifelong journey. So give yourself mercy and trust the process. God loves you, forgives you, and He actually enjoys the process of being with you on your journey. Do not allow yourself to fall into the trap of comparing yourself to others. God does not look at the external, but rather the heart. He does not judge according to man's way of seeing things, but rather He sees you according to who you truly are in Him. You are the one He left the 99 to go after, and you are right where He wants you to be - held in the loving arms of The Shepherd. Trust Him as He continues to finish the work that He began in you. Enjoy the process!


- Pastor Shane