Word for Your Week, "Triumph in Contradiction"



Triumph In Contradiction

At the cross satan, sin, and shame were utterly defeated and a brand new creation was made available to all who believe. What a victory Jesus has accomplished for us! Now in Christ, you are equally saved from satan, sin, and shame. Your original innocence lost in Adam has been restored in Jesus Christ. Your original identity in the image and likeness of God has also been restored in Jesus Christ. You are forgiven and free. We are a free people!

If this is the truth, and it surely is, then how are we to handle the seeming contradictions that come at us in this life? In other words, how are we to triumph in contradiction?

If we are truly forgiven and free from shame, then why do we at times experience shame?

If we are truly new and free from sin, then why do we at times fall into sin?

If we are truly free from a defeated enemy, then why do we feel at times that the battle is endless?

There is an answer to these questions found in the Old Testament.

Israel was a free and delivered people of God. They were taken completely out of the land of Egypt, out from under the domineering control of Pharaoh, and were to enter into the Promised Land to receive their inheritance as a free people of God. When they had an opportunity to seize the victory that God promised them, they were too afraid to do so because they saw giants inhabiting the land and so they saw themselves as grasshoppers in their own sight (Numbers 13:33). Yet, there were two among them who saw things quite differently.

Joshua and Caleb instead trusted in God’s power and promise saying,

“The land that we saw is very good. It is a land filled with many good things. If the Lord is pleased with us, he will lead us into that land. And he will give that land to us. So don’t turn against the Lord! Don’t be afraid of the people in that land. We can defeat them. They have no protection, nothing to keep them safe. But we have the Lord with us, so don’t be afraid!”

Numbers 14: 7-9

Israel scoffed at the faith of Joshua and Caleb to the point of even wanting to kill them. Why? Because Joshua and Caleb believed that God was good enough and big enough to back up His word and the rest of Israel did not. The child-like faith of Joshua and Caleb was offensive to unbelieving Israel. Simply put, they believed the seemingly impossible. Doesn’t it seem impossible or too good to be true that God has fully redeemed and restored you in Christ apart from your own ability and efforts? May we be a Joshua and Caleb generation who trusts in the outrageous power and promises of God given to us in Christ Jesus!

He says that you are forgiven.

He says that you are free.

He says that the enemy has been defeated.

There is only one way that a defeated enemy can enslave a free people, and that is through a lie. The enemy is always trying to deceive us into believing that we are not fully forgiven and free. He knows that if we can be duped out of trusting in the goodness of God and the finished work of Jesus Christ that we will begin to see ourselves as “grasshoppers” in our own sight and thus we will cease to triumph in contradiction. The only way a free people can become enslaved again is in their minds. Israel was totally free from Egypt and Pharaoh but they continued to live as if they were not. They believed a lie rather than the truth!

What is the “Egypt” that you have been brought out of that wants to enslave you yet again?

What are the “giants” that you may be facing that tempt you to see yourself as a grasshopper rather than a redeemed and restored victor?

I want to encourage you this week to remain persuaded of the truth of your redeemed innocence and restored identity in Christ even in the face of contradictions!

In the comments section I have left a list of truths that Father God declares over you in Christ. Take time this week to read the verses and declare these Identity Declarations over yourself. Continue to ask God to persuade you of the truth of your being until the way of your being begins to fully match it!

God bless!


--Pastor Shane