Our Pastoral Team, Staff, and Ministry Leaders

John Hovan

Senior Pastor

Pastor John Hovan is now our Senior Pastor! He is committed to leading our church into being an active part of our local community as people walking life out  in spirit and in truth. John serves as a member of our Elder team, oversees staff, the AA meetings, and casts vision for outreach initiatives. Most of all though, John loves to see Jesus bring people to Himself, and is passionate about creating a community where everyone can be discipled and experience deep fellowship with other believers. 

Shane Tyus

Youth & Social Media Pastor

Shane Tyus is our Youth and Social Media Pastor! Under his care, our youth group has grown in leaps and bounds both spiritually and in numbers. He leads several outreach initiatives, connects with our local school boards to keep us involved in the community, and meets youth for regular connection. He oversees our podcast, and is the first response on Social Media, as well as the writer behind our Word from the Pastor Encouragements. 

Tom Bloom

Missions Pastor

Pastor Tom Bloom, our former senior pastor of many decades, is now serving as our Missions Pastor, and is a continued member of our Elder Team. He is passionate about fostering our relationships with our sister churches in South Asia and Ukraine, and is an advocate for their needs here in the USA. He can often be found early Sunday morning at the church, humming with a mug of coffee in hand.

Sarah Thapa

Church Adminstrator & Event Coordinator

It all started with the website... then Social Media Ministry. Then it expanded to a whole lot of other things, too. Sarah is now Community Vineyard's Church Administrator and is part time staff. She runs the website (hi), creates most of the graphics, and is often the mastermind behind the content on everything web related. She also is Event Coordinator, Sounding Board for Pastoral Staff, volunteer worship leader and admin,  and all around .... a somewhat acceptable human being.

Bethany Tyus

Childrens Ministry Director

Bethany Tyus not only leads beside her husband Shane for our youth ministry... she is also now our new Children's Ministry Director! Our Children's Ministry continues to grow under her expertise. Since her arrival on staff, our Children's Sunday School has been split in to two age groups, 4-6 years, and 7-10 years. We couldn't be more excited to have her leading our Children's Team! 

Bethany Coumos

Nursery Ministry Coordinator

Bethany Coumos is the reason why we have our Nursery Ministry! She carefully chooses the right people to care for our little ones, and oversees the ministry rotation alongside her husband, Greg. Bethany has aslo single handedly chosen new toys and revamped our nursery decorations. The Nursury is for littles ages 0-36 months.

Steve Bair

Mens Ministry Director

Steve Bair runs our Men of Steel ministry, as well as our sound system alongside of Drew almost every Sunday. He coordinates such events as BYOB (Buy Your Own Breakfast) Saturday Morning Breakfasts, Movie Nights, Burgers and Bullets Family Picnic and more! 

Donna Long

Womens Ministry Director

Dawna runs our Women of the Vine Ministry and leads several church-wide events put on by the womens ministry, including Evening of the Arts, our annual Flea Market, and our Valentines Day Dance and Banquet. She also leads the Fall Festival along with amazing volunteers and the help of other Women of the Vine! 

Laura Bair

Worship Ministry Director

Laura is the faithful overseer of the Worship Ministry and all our worship leaders and musicians. Her vision is to see our community given opportunity to spend time in the presence of God through corporate and intimate Praise and Worship through song.

If you would like to get involved on teams, please reach out to Laura or Steve Bair. 

Drew Suffron

Co-Head Deacon Sound Director

Drew has faithfully served as Head Deacon as well as Sound Director. We can record our podcasts because of him. If there is an issue with sound? He's working on it. If it sounds good and you don't notice? That's because ... he fixed it. Besides all that, he can often be found playing drums for the worship team on a Sunday Morning!

John Archer

IT Ministry Director

John Archer is the main guy behind all things tech in our church. Our main screens project what he sets up. We have Live Streaming because of him! We have Wifi because of him. We have video surveilance because of him. We have powerpoint up ... because of him!

Chris Barto

Harvest Pantry & HUB Director

Chris Barto runs everything related to our Harvest Food Pantry. He is also behind the HUB which is a twice a month ministry where a hot meal is served, the word of God is taught, and people are given fresh groceries to take home.

Dale Moyer

Head of Prayer Ministry Team,

 The Prophetic Ministry, &

Worship & Soaking Prayer 

Dale has long held the unofficial (and yet, it is official now, isn't it?) title of church prophet. She oversees Worship and Soaking Prayer, our prayer team on Sunday mornings, and also is the go-to person when someone would like to share a word with the church. 

Alan Hilinski

Members Visitation Minister

Alan has several years of ministry experience as a pastor. He now serves the church community as a pastoral volunteer, leading our visitation ministry. He and those he oversees, visits anyone who is unable to make it to church, but calls Community VIneyard home. 

Mona Hartshorn

Co-Head Deacon

Mona is one of our community's most dedicated servant-hearts. She has led many ministries over the years, including our Children's Ministry, our beloved Drama Ministry, as well as has helped Drew Suffron shoulder the Deacons Ministry. Mona might be found handing out communion, teaching the children, counting folks, cleaning out a storage space, or dreaming up the next drama production for our church! 

Aunt Pam

Secretary and Front Desk

When you call the church? You're most likely going to hear her voice. When you get the  newsletter? She's the one sending them. When you see the latest events on the calendar? She's the one scheduling it. We love our Aunt Pam! 

Tracy Coblentz


Our book keeper. Tracy keeps all the elders and ministry leaders straight with their budgets, and keeps track of all things monetary!